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Alder Pool (1989)
Alder Pool
Alder Pool (2003) 38x34in
Alder Pool
Alder Pool July (1998) 36x23in
Alder Pool (July)
Alder Pool, July (1998) 36x24in
Alder Pool (July)
Alder Pool, Autumn
Alder Pool, Autumn
Alder Pool Looking North (1994) 18x26in
Alder Pool Looking North
Alder Pool, October (1981) 30x32in
Alder Pool, October
Alder Pool Summer (1993) 18x28in
Alder Pool Summer
River Annan (1995) 36x32in
River Annan
Kinnel above Elizatown (2002) 38x34in
Kinnel above Elizatown
Kinnel at Elizatown (2001) 30x26in
Kinnel above Elizatown
Kinnel at Hartfield (2008)
Kinnel at Hartfield
Kinnel, November (2000) 24x30in
Kinnel, November
Kinnel, Near Raehills (1998) 36x48in
Kinnel, Near Raehills
Kinnel, October (1995) 24x30in
Kinnel, October
Kinnel, October (2) (2000) 40x34in
Kinnel, October (2)
Kinnel (2016)
Kinnel (2016)
Kinnel (2) (2016)
Kinnel (2) (2016)
Kinnel, Pine Trees (1995) 36x48in
Kinnel, Pine Trees
Kinnel, Spring (1995) 36x48in
Kinnel, Spring
Kinnel Tree (1987) 38x48in
Kinnel Tree
Kinnel, Winter (1988) 26x28in
Kinnel, Winter

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